I Teach You How To:

Stop Fighting Your Money Once
& For All

You work so hard.​

You care so much about the people around you – your boss, your clients, your partner, your friends, your family and your community.

The internet is filled with people telling you that if you only worked more hours, worked with the right people, got noticed more, appreciated your value more…

Then you’d have more money.

I will never say that to you. I know that you’re working as hard as you can.

Why? Because you’re a woman who gives a damn.

You care so much.

This isn’t a situation where you work harder.


If you want to gain more time, energy and money, you’ve got to learn how to work smarter.

You have to learn how to invest your time, energy and money in the right things.

The things that are MOST important to you and have the biggest impact on your life and the lives of those you care about.

That’s where I come in.

I love my money &
I want you to love yours, too.

Hi! I’m Lorelei - a financial consultant for women like you.

After working as a Strategy & Operations Consultant for a Big 4 Management Consulting Company, I know just how powerful having a well-defined strategy can be on an organization’s or individual’s growth and performance.

But that strategy has to work for you — it has to represent
your values, your priorities, and your reality.

The current strategies women are given to grow their money don’t work for many of us because we need a different relationship with our money. 

I experienced this firsthand: after years of a thriving career and financial success, I was left burned out, exhausted and very unhealthy. Being with my money also became a chore, a hassle, something that I put off doing because I felt overwhelmed. I had been taught from a very young age that trading my time and energy for money would make me rich.

That strategy may work for men but it will not work for women.

No one told me that society would demand that I give (unpaid) so much of my labor that I would need to work longer and harder to make the same amount of money as a man.

Give away your time and energy too much, your health will suffer.

Your ability to work, fueled by your health, is your most important financial asset.

I learned this the hard way when after working many extra hours trying to get promoted,  I became horribly sick with a mysterious illness.

Then I:

  • Spent over six months fighting to get healthy. 
  • Took so many days off work that my absences almost cost me my job.
  • Dwindled my savings from +$25,000 to having to take on medical debt.

You can read more about my personal health crisis and my money relationship here.

My health crisis woke me up.

I realized just how incredibly financially insecure I was. I realized that without my health, there would be no money; especially not in America.

And the root of this insecurity was how I was relating to my money – I had to stop treating my money as the ultimate goal, something I would get at all costs, and find a new way of relating to it.

One where I valued myself as much as I valued my money.

Over time, rather than exerting more power and control over my money, I began to change my relationship with it. As I began to treat my money with love and respect, I experienced more joy, more peace, a greater sense of empowerment, and even excitement when I realized the impact money could have on my life and the people around me. I knew this new kind of money relationship was something I wanted to share with the world.

If you want to live a full and vibrant life that you love, you’ve got to learn how to connect with yourself and your money.

What Clients Are Saying

Your money is a trusted friend - not an enemy.

Through financial consulting or healthcare navigation, I sit with you and teach you how to explore who you are and reconnect with your money so that you can create:

  • More peace
  • More joy
  • More impact

I help you feel confident, encouraged, and equipped with the skills you need to grow your money.

In working with Invest Better, you’ll learn how to:

(1) Make more money without the hustle.

(2) Protect and grow the money you have.

(3) Give your money in a way that amplifies your impact.

I truly believe that every woman is capable of growing her money while preserving her time, energy and sanity.

You just have to learn the right way FOR YOU.

You have to find YOUR PATH.

And you have to receive the right education, guidance, and wisdom so that you can rise above the obstacles and keep on growing.

Curious about how you can make this happen? Check out the story of Jane and Matilda’s lives in Invest Better in Action.

Here are my commitments to YOU:

  • I’m here to support you.
  • I’m here to educate, guide and inform you.
  • I’m here to hype you up when you feel like giving up.
  • I’m here to offer you a judgement-free place to grow and thrive.
  • I’m here to connect you to other women who want the same thing.

We need more wealthy women in the world.

Are you ready to be one of them?

Use the form below to send a message and let’s explore if learning to Invest Better is right for you. You can also email me at info(at)igrowmymoney.com

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