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I’m located in the Eastern Time Zone and will reply within 24 hours of receiving your message.


I offer one-on-one money education tutoring and financial consulting sessions. Details can be found on the home page.

I am a Financial Consultant and Board Certified Patient Advocate who works with you to develop a holistic money strategy. Unlike other financial consultants, I know that health is a key component of wealth and can help you navigate any obstacles to growing your money.

Obstacles such as:

  • Finding ways to make more money (career strategy or side hustles).
  • Reducing or eliminating debt.
  • Strategies to save more money.
  • Offering tools to address relationship inequities between your partner or spouse.
  • Accessing safer, more affordable healthcare.
  • Managing chronic medical conditions that impact your money.
  • And others.

Check out the Home page for more information of my About page.

Absolutely! Topics that I enjoy exploring include: career strategies, financial education, investing, healthcare navigation, healthy living and how to build a fulfilling life. This list isn’t inclusive, please reach out if you have a different idea.

Yes, but only virtually.

I offer two different “Lunch & Learns”:

(1) How to Get More Out of Your Doctor’s Appointment

(2) An Intro to Investing

Please feel free to pitch any other ideas or suggestions.

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