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"Meet a new way to think about how you grow your money - A Money Tree. The health of this Money Tree represents your lifelong capacity to grow money." - Lorelei
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Hi, I’m Lorelei and I’m a Wealth Strategy Consultant with Sustainable Wealth. My mission is to empower you with resources and elevate your confidence so that you can make life-changing decisions with ease.

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about a totally new way to look at how you grow money – your Money Tree.

How Do You Grow Money Now?

With that said, I want to you to think about how you grow money right now. I’m guessing that the first thing you think about is work and how you can make more money. 

Instead of thinking about what will make you the most money, I am asking you to think of your answer to a different question: “what is sustainable for you?” 

What can you do every single day of your life and feel more often than not satisfied and fulfilled? What would your world look like if you honored the needs of your body, your Self, lived your passions, followed your interests and most importantly nourished your relationships?

The answers to those questions look different for every single person yet we are all offered the same mold for success – make lots and lots of money. 

What if success didn’t look like a million dollars in the bank account but instead looked like traveling around the world meeting many different people? Maybe success isn’t living a life of luxury but instead founding a non-profit organization that makes a positive impact in the world?

When we get curious about the answers to these and many other questions, we begin learning about who we are, what we value, and what we have to offer. 

Growing wealth from this rooted presence of our Authentic Self, from a place of fully accepting our current reality and holding space for dreams and ambition, is so much stronger and more resilient than any other approach. It allows a definition of wealth to rise organically – how you define wealth is yours and like no one else’s.

How Do You Get to This Rooted Place? 

Let me introduce you to your Money Tree – my metaphor for how to grow wealth sustainably.

Imagine for a moment that you and every other person on Earth is born with an invisible Money Tree. At the time of your birth, a Money Tree sapling is planted – a tiny leafed tree, planted in soil with some small roots anchoring it so it has the capacity to begin its growth. 

This Money Tree represents your lifelong capacity to make and accumulate money. Money which can be used to buy opportunities, freedom, security, comfort all of which lead to greater amounts of joy and peace.

Everyone wants more joy and peace right!

Here is where things start to get interesting – while all of us are born with Money Trees, we are all born with different types of Trees (some evergreen, some deciduous, some tropical, etc.) and these Trees are all planted into different types of environments and soil conditions (some rooted into great growing conditions, others are not). For instance, think of an Evergreen tree planted in dense forests versus a deciduous trees planted in the Arctic Tundra.

What this means is that your Money Tree may be completely mismatched with the environment it needs to succeed. 

So what are you to do? 

The size of your Money Tree represents your capacity to grow money and the health of it represents how much money you can make. You want a big, healthy, thriving Money Tree.

Get a Healthy Money Tree

Your lifelong mission therefore is to CULTIVATE this Money Tree to expand its capacity to make more money by keeping it healthy, helping it grow, and strengthening it so it can withstand environmental stress. 

Your first step is to evaluate the health of your Money Tree. 

What this looks like for you is to Secure Your Health. Health is foundational, it is the roots that sustains and anchors your Tree. Without your Health (roots), you cannot survive. 

In securing your health you’ll focus on: getting and staying healthy, learning how to better advocate for yourself and navigate the healthcare system so that you can get the best care at the lowest costs, and identify personal health characteristics that may be factors in achieving long-term financial security.

After you’ve Secured Your Health, it’s time to help your Money Tree grow.

That means doing a deep-dive into Self. Who are you? What’s your Purpose? What are your strengths and challenges? What fulfills you? How might you find more fulfillment in your life? This is akin to the soil that sustains your Tree providing the nutrients it needs to grow. It also becomes a process of pruning – taking in what’s needed and letting go of what’s not. 

Once your Money Tree is growing, it’s time to strengthen it.

To provide missing nutrients and accelerate your Tree’s growth, you can add fertilizer in the form of gathering, processing and evaluating information. This addition is incredibly important because the modern economy is driven by information – it’s a commodity of sorts that can be sold for money.

And lastly, to keep your Money Tree’s soil rich and fertile you’ll want to create a Community.

Having a supportive, healthy community is incredibly important because you don’t know what you don’t know and others help you discover those blind spots and provide direction on how secure them. Community also offers a way to engage, share and support. Connecting and sharing with one another is so critical to life-long satisfaction and fulfillment. Think of Community as the compost that nurtures who you are and keeps the Money Tree’s soil healthy.

With that said, every time you ignore your body’s needs, invest time and energy that isn’t aligned with your Self, or ignore your relationships, you weaken your Money Tree.

Ultimately, the more you know about the needs of your Money Tree, the better care you can provide, the healthier it will be and the more money it can produce. As it grows and produces more money, its roots widen and deepen. As it does this, the stronger and more resilient it becomes. Greater resiliency means your Money Tree can weather the storms of life and survive health crises, job loss, financial crises, and natural disasters.

Security is the result of a healthy Money Tree. 

When your Money Tree is healthy and growing, its abundant leaves provide security and comfort by sheltering you from life’s storms and absorbing nutrients. Its seeds create opportunity, autonomy and freedom as they are food that can be offered in exchange or as an investment in the next generation. 

And its health cultivates peace as this thriving Money Tree eliminates fear and anxiety by meeting all of your needs and creating overflowing prosperity that can be shared with others. Security, comfort, opportunity, autonomy, freedom and peace are the results of real, sustainable wealth.

I want you to cultivate this kind of sustainable, deeply rooted, well-nourished, resilient wealth

The kind of wealth that has roots so deep that not even the strongest storms can uproot it, the kind of wealth that is so well-nourished that it will bear fruit for generations to come, and the kind of wealth where every morning starts not only with a feeling of gratitude and excitement for the day ahead but is also full of peace, comfort and security.

I know that each of us is capable of bringing up such wealth for ourselves, for our families and for our communities. 

Are ready to get to know your Money Tree and start on your journey of growing Sustainable Wealth? Take this quiz to find your next step.

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