Make This 1 Change & Start a New Relationship with Your Money

"Tired of dominating your money? Read this and discover one change you can make to start a new relationship with your money." - Lorelei
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Pretty much everything I read about personal finance these days is filled with:

  • Manage your money
  • Control your money
  • Master your money
  • Harness its power

Honestly – YUCK.

Money is an extension of YOU. Learn more about this with What is Money?

You and Your Money Are One.

You give your value to the world and most often, you receive money for it.

  • Do you need managing?
  • Do you need to be controlled?
  • Do you need to be mastered?
  • Do you allow people to harness your power?

I’m hoping your answer is NO!

If you love yourself, then you love your money too.

And if you’re in a loving relationship with yourself and your money, why would you want to dominate it?

Do we dominate the things that we love?


We respect them. We honor them. We work WITH them.

How Do You Work WITH Your Money?

You first change the language you use to describe your relationship with your money.

The words we use are incredibly important as they define our experience. So if you want to relate to your money differently, you must start by changing the language you use to describe the relationship.

Here are some examples of how you can change your language:

  • I don’t manage my money -> I work with my money.
  • I don’t control my money -> I create with my money.
  • I don’t harness the power of my money -> I work with my money to amplify our impact.

Speak these phrases aloud and tell me what happens.

Do you notice a shift?

  • Is there more space in your body? Feel expansion?
  • Do you feel more relaxation and openness?
  • Maybe some excitement?! Maybe some joy?!
  • Maybe even a SMILE?!

Let me know in the comments what happens to you when you shift the language you use to describe your money!

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