Will ChatGPT Take My Job? 3 Answers to Get You Thinking.

"A topic on everyone's mind since ChatGPT's launch is: "Will ChatGPT take my job?" The answer: maybe. Come read about how you can make the most of AI." - Lorelei
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If you aren’t familiar with ChatGPT, it’s an artificially intelligent service that functions as a chat – you ask it a question and the AI replies with startling humanistic answers. Right now there is a free version of ChatGPT that is rarely available and a waitlist for $20 a month paid version (U.S. residents only).

When ChatGPT went viral a few weeks ago, many people asked: “Will ChatGPT take my job?” ChatGPT not only writes words in multiple languages but it also can write code, help doctors diagnose patients and perform a variety of other tasks. It definitely appears like it will threaten many of our jobs and as someone who writes content online and teaches, I am especially concerned that AI may replace me.

No job = no money. It’s hard to grow your money if AI threatens your income.

After my mini-freak out, I used my lessons learned from a few weeks ago and challenged my thinking. You can read about my process in my post “When Nothing Goes Right – You Have 2 Options.”

A few hours later, I opened my email and saw and email announcing a ChatGPT webinar hosted by Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cage’s ChatGPT (February 2023). If you aren’t familiar with their work, they are the masterminds behind the Ship 30 for 30 online writing program which helps people start writing online, develop and audience and get paid for their writing.

Since their business is built supporting humans write, I trust them to provide an accurate assessment as to how ChatGPT may impact the writing world.

Here are my 3 key takeaways from their paid webinar:

(1) ChatGPT is like a really smart intern.

  • ChatGPT cannot think on it’s own – you have to do the thinking for it.
  • You have to provide it with training – you have to describe the situation, circumstances, boundaries, for how you want it to respond.
  • You have to be really specific with your requests.
    Example: Please get me a coffee will yield garbage results.
    You need to tell it to: Go down the block to the Starbucks and order me a tall, coconut milk latte and pay using this Starbucks rewards card. Bring back the coffee and my rewards card and set them on my desk.
  • It doesn’t handle subjective questions well, it is not able to form an opinion.
  • It doesn’t answer open loop questions such as “Who is God,” as it is not able to think or form an opinion.

Bottom line: ChatGPT executes very specific tasks well but does not think and is not capable of being creative.

(2) ChatGPT will increase competition among writers.

AI will eventually write better and faster than humans. If you are getting paid to write words, AI will threaten your job.

To save your job, get paid to think or edit.

One of the best ways to get paid to think is to consume other people’s content and then add your own interpretation, analysis or opinion on what they missed. Oftentimes, doing this creates something new – a new framework, method, procedure that can be shared and adds unique value.

AI also cannot edit itself and will always need a human to evaluate what it writes so instead of getting paid to write and option is to get paid to edit the content that AI produces.

(3) ChatGPT will help level the playing field for the neurodiverse (personal takeaway)

After seeing how well ChatGPT performed some of the tasks during the webinar, I got really excited about how AI can help people whose brain functions differently better communicate.

About 15-20% of the global population identifies as being neurodiverse (ADHD/ASD/learning differences/etc.) and many find written communication especially challenging. Via it’s causal dialogue chat-style, ChatGPT quickly and easily helps people communicate and refine their ideas which can provide beneficial support to those who need it.

For instance:

  • ChatGPT can help you clarify your thoughts (help people with ADHD).
  • ChatGPT can take your ideas and write for you (help people with dyslexia).
  • ChatGPT can write in multiple different voices and styles (help people who struggle with connecting, connect).

Hooray for AI!

Regardless of what you think of AI, it’s here to stay.

I signed up for the ChatGPT webinar because I’m scared about how AI will replace me but I left the webinar feeling excited and empowered about how AI can help me become a better writer.

There will absolutely be a learning curve and it will take time for us to adapt to using AI in our work but eventually, I see AI as a good thing. There are so many aspects about being human that AI will never be able to replace – namely, we are creative. We can think, we can question, we have emotion, we have our own personal experience.

AI gives us the ability to focus our time on the things that set us apart and at least for me, I find the creative part of writing more enjoyable than the actual writing part.

Even if you’re still on the fence about AI’s impact on your job, AI advocates also highlight that every major technological advancement has created more jobs than it replaced.

How do you feel about AI? Let me know in the comments!

Still Concerned About AI?

If you still aren’t sure about the impact AI will have on your job and want to walkthrough some personal ways it may impact you, I offer affordable one-on-one financial consulting where we can spend an hour going over your concerns and develop an personalized action plan.

Message me for details!

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